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Ultimate Deliverable: Access Points in HKUST Guangzhou Campus


Leverage and build upon our previous TRS to develop the engineering science required to (i) create the TR imaging technology for Sustainable & Smart UWSS of the future that are resource efficient, resilient and free from costly and fatal failures and (ii) assist HK in meeting its water and energy commitments and in developing environmental services as a pillar industry.

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We will leverage not only these new testbeds but also the experience, facilities, knowledge, collaboration, and industry partnerships developed in the previous TRS along with the expertise of our internationally recognized, cross-disciplinary research team.

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We will work closely with our industry partners in HK and elsewhere, our advisory board including additional water industry experts and leaders in green technology and environmental businesses, and engage all stakeholder groups.

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Project outcomes will tremendously impact societies and economies, potentially becoming a lynchpin component enabling HK, the mainland and other countries to achieve their ambitious sustainability targets.

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Academics Partners

Industrial Partners

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